The estate was awarded by Emperor Jehangir to Raja Farzand Ali therefore the name Jehangirabad. It was mostly located in Barabanki and surrounding regions of Oudh. The palace at Lucknow known as Jehangirabad palace was made to entertain rather than live. It was only used for living after the independence by the family. The architecture of the palace was inspired by Sir Walter Burley Griffin in the 1930's. He is the same architect responsible for the city of Canberra in Australia. The architecture of the palace is Indian on the facade but the internal dimensions are mostly European with Fibonacci principles. Presently the palace is primarily used as the residence ofRaja Mohammed Jamal Rasaul Khan. It continues to hold grand receptions for various national and international dignitaries and soon plans to become a heritage hotel with more than 100 rooms. This is an endeavor by the present owner Raja Jamal Rasul Khan sahib to open the doors of the palace to the public so they may understand and cherish there heritage.