The family has been engaged in various social activities since the British period. Maharaja Ejaz Rasul was a major contributor to the establishment of the King George's Medical College at Lucknow. Continuing the tradition HH Raja Mohammed Jamal Rasul Khan contributed a major part of his estate for various social and religious causes.

Jehangirabad Fort
A large fort like palace with more than a hundred rooms and a very large piece of land was donated by Hibanama to the Jehangirabad Educational Trust in the year 2000. This was done with a view to emphasize on higher education in the remote area of Jehangirabad, Barabanki. Courses such as Engineering, Management, Media etc are being carried out by the trust.

Irfan Rasul Inter College
A kothi was contributed with an aim to provide primary education to local girls. This school was stablished in the name of the late Maharajkumar of Jehangirabad Irfan Rasul. Earlier girls found it difficult to travel to Barabanki for education. The school not only helped local children but became a centre of education with very good prospects. Now it is a inter college run by a society providing quality education at a very reasonable cost.

Jama Masjid
A large mosque was constructed for the people of Jehangirabad in the shape of the Jama Masjid. It is a remarkable piece of architecture and also a resting place for the Late Maharaja and the family thereon.